ZenUML Token

Current Price

Come back on 01/08


Come back on 01/08


Come back on 01/08

Why ZenUML Token

Giving back to the community

ZenUML cannot grow without the support from the community. We have created this token to appreciate the support we have got and are going to get from the community.

We buy back and burn all tokens

In the spirit of "Giving back", we have decided that will buy back every single token that we have AirDropped AND burn all of them.

Get Yours Now

Finish the tasks and then fill out this form so we can sent the tokens your way

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+ 1,000,000

Install ZenUML Lite

+ 5,000,000

Install ZenUML Full

+ 8,000,000

Register on

+ 3,000,000

+ 3,000,000

Add referral address

+ 10,000,000

If you are still thinking

“Will the price rise?”

Likely, but not guranteed. Our plan is to airdrop 2-3B ZenUML tokens each month and we put 30% of our app income into liquidity or buying back the tokens. You are at a safe spot if you only take airdrops.

“Can I buy ZenUML tokens?”

Yes, but please make your own decisions. ZenUML tokens are not an asset class or financial product. ZenUML tokens are not created to fund us but to give back to the community. You can buy ZenUML tokens at PancakeSwap .

“Can I sell ZenUML tokens?”

Yes. We are also buying back all ZenUML tokens, but we suggest you to hold 6+ months. We believe the price can go up as ou app income increases. And the community will benefit from it.